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As temperature control division of AVIC,Website:, Frestec-HVAC has been serving the market at both home and abroad since 1984s. With decades of R&D and feedback of market optimization, now we can offer complete solution for your needs on Cold Chain: 1) Bus Air Conditioning system for all-electric bus, hybrid bus and diesel-driven bus, for 6 ~ 18meters; 2) Truck Refrigeration Unit for 2 ~ 14meters insulated truck bodies; 3) Refrigerated Truck Bodies solution. Encouraging by competitive technology support, durable quality and globalization trends, Frestec-HVAC has established a strategic partnership with Italy, France, etc, and aiming to upgrade production technique and accelerate technology sharing. Until now, Frestec-HVAC has become member of UN equipments suppliers and play a more fundamental and prominent role in UN peacekeeping operations. Serve the people is our ultimate purpose. Together, we could bring the world more freshness. Welcome to join us~
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bus air conditioning system,RV Air Conditioner,truck air conditioner,Van refrigeration Unit,Truck Refrigeration Unit,Refrigerated Truck Bodies
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